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Most of all though, it's about how wild it is to be a human.

Catriona Robertson dancing with Sonified Body system by Tim Murray-Browne and Panagiotis Tigas-still 1-image-Alan Paterson

A Feel for the Shape of the Invisible Landscape

Hey everyone! Events in Glasgow/London coming up. And a request for your help below. But first…

Sonified Body: New performance (online)

I've just released a new video of the spectacular Catriona Robertson performing with Sonifi…

    Tim Murray-Browne - Self-Intersection Study (sample 1)

    To intervene and complicate things

    In February's newsletter, fresh from a studio residency, I promised an update on Sonified Body once I'd had pause for reflection.

    Among that which emerged is a new manifesto and filmed performance. I'll be publishing these soon, but not yet. March has been a month of interruption.

    My experience of the invasion of Ukraine is of course incomparable to those experiencing…


      A breathing Mandelbrot, and how it feels to sell NFT art to strangers on the internet

      There's a strange feeling of grief at the conclusion of an intense collaboration.

      It's familiar enough to me now to know that it's a good sign, that an intensity of connection reached has taken me somewhere unique to this group, somewhere I could not get to by myself.

      The grief is the acknowledgement of the impermanence of that state.

      Last week I was working with th…

        2022: On being ready to change my mind

        What is something big you've changed your mind about recently? Recently, I noticed I don't have a satisfying answer to this question. That troubles me as it suggests a lack of fresh thinking.

        This persuaded me to read Julia Galef's book The Scout Mindset, which reminded me how liberating it is to feel free to change your mind. She contrasts the scout, who maps out a territory, with the soldier, who defends that territory.

        The feeling that we have something to lose if we notice and share a mist…

          Tim Murray-Browne - Self-absorbed Face Dance still image

          Newsletter: Self-Absorbed Face Dance

          Self-Absorbed Face Dance is a short video warping through different deformations of my face. It was created using a GAN (a type of generative AI model) trained to reproduce images of me. I moved through the range of output images by moving my body in a live dialogue. The underlying system is the same as the Latent Voyager prototype I shared in the last newsletter.

          As I moved, I got lost in the various machinations of…