Art Code

I'm an interactive artist and creative coder. I work with AI, dance, visuals and sound to create interactive installations.

My work embraces human wildness and critically explores what parts of being human get left behind when we live through technology.

I share this journey in my weekly ARTCODE LETTER.

My current project is The Wilds.
My best known project is Cave of Sounds.

Right now

  • I'm controlling AI systems in real-time with the body in The Wilds. The first of these is a self-portrait exploring appropriation of identity by AI, called SELF ABSORBED.
  • I'm writing a short weekly newsletter sharing critical perspective on AI, art, technology and the body that emerge from my work, the ARTCODE LETTER. I'm putting a lot into this - if you like my work then give it a shot!
  • Cave of Sounds is exhibiting at Milan's Museum of Science and Technology from Oct 2022 to Sep 2023.
  • I'm artist in residence with the Machine Agencies and LePARC research groups at the Milieux Institute of Concordia University, Montreal.