Art Code

I create interactive systems that connect human movement, AI and generative audio‑visuals.

My work aims to unearth the parts of human wildness left behind by technology. Currently, I’m exploring new forms of real-time human-AI interaction rooted in human movement and embodied thinking.

I share this journey in my newsletter ARTCODE.

Right now

  • AGENCY OF CHAOS, UNMOVED: I did a live sound performance with real-time AI-generated audio.
  • THE WILDS: I’m controlling AI systems in real-time with the body. This includes SELF ABSORBED, a voyage through a haunting simulacrum of my memories.
  • Cave of Sounds is exhibiting at Milan’s Museum of Science and Technology from Oct 2022 to Sep 2023.
  • ARTCODE Newsletter: I’ve transformed my mailing list into a newsletter sharing my artistic journey exploring how machines shape us.
  • RESIDENCY: I’m artist in residence with the Machine Agencies and LePARC research groups at Concordia University, Montreal.