A Feel for the Shape of the Invisible Landscape

Hey everyone! Events in Glasgow/London coming up. And a request for your help below. But first...

Sonified Body: New performance (online)

I've just released a new video of the spectacular Catriona Robertson performing with Sonified Body. Put your headphones on and have a watch (5 mins).

Sonified Body is a system built for embodied learning. As you move with the system, you can find a feel for how your body is mapped into sound. It is less about coming up with an idea and then realising it, and more about continually sensing, responding and following intuitions.

I think I find Catriona's performance so captivating because her movement reveals a sensitivity to what she's hearing. I sense the openness to what might happen next. Through this, I also get a feel for the shape of the invisible landscape she's navigating.

It's been two years since Sonified Body began, and a long journey of finding how best to describe what the project's all about. Dance, AI, sound, yes. But underneath these is a vision of an alternative way of thinking about how we build interactive systems, an approach for which I'm settling on the name Negotiated Interaction.

Last year, I wrote a weighty paper about the philosophical ideas behind the project. Now, I've updated the project webpage with a more concise outline of these concepts behind the work.

Sun Infusion (Glasgow)

For those in Glasgow, I'll be performing in a new musical collaboration with Adriana Minu that we're calling Sun Infusion.

Come see us at The Old Hairdressers on 10 May 2022.

Post-Truth and Beauty (London)

Post-Truth and Beauty will be returning to London in early June. More details in the next newsletter.

A favour to ask... feedback on my new website

I've just launched a revamped website at timmb.com.

I find writing about my art incredibly difficult. It's easy to get lost in the detail, and difficult to know which parts to leave in and which to leave out.

I think those of you on the newsletter probably understand my work better than anyone else.

If you have five minutes spare, please could you have a look at the new site and share with me your feedback?

I find feedback most easily digested when each point is prefaced with where you're coming from. For example, 'As an artist, I found ....', 'As a woman, I felt ...', 'As someone in a rush, I wondered if...'.

My main focus is on: what's interesting, what's not, what makes sense, what doesn't, and what's missing. But whatever you feel is worth sharing.

As always, you can just reply to this email.

Thank you.

Glasgow 30 April 2022

A photo of a participant interacting with the interactive light and 3D sound sculpture Post-Truth and Beauty by Tim Murray-Browne and Aphra Shemza, at Old Truman Brewery, London.

Post-Truth and Beauty at Old Truman Brewery, Nov 2017.