The Limits of Abstraction

AI generated visuals

Hallucinations from an AI trained on around 50,000 photos that I've taken over the past 20 years.

What we see, we identify and label. Usually, we're so good at identifying, labelling, classifying and judging that we forget to look at what's really there. But it is still possible to see if you stop and try.

The Limits of Abstraction is a project where I'm exploring new forms of dialogue between human and computer that are not based on the manipulation of virtual objects. Instead, I'm working with the embodied, lived experience and our capacity for resonance. I'm using unsupervised AI model to create interactive systems that are defined directly from how we move, what we see – interaction that we understand in the body but cannot explain through analysis and reason.

The soundtrack I created back in 2018 while living in Bucharest. The spoken word sample is of the philosopher Alan Watts.

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