Fractal Reef

Real-time generative animation, NFT series

Fractal Reef is a generative artwork rendered in real-time, released as a series of 87 NFTs on the eco-friendly platform fxhash. Each minted iteration opens a new window onto the immense undulating landscape.

The Mandelbrot set is a fractal derived by repeatedly applying the equation z ⇋ z² + c over the 2D space of complex numbers. From this simple equation emerges a realm of beautiful and surprisingly organic looking shapes. In one or two tokens, you can still see the characteristic beetle shape of the Mandelbrot.

In Fractal Reef, I've made the Mandelbrot breathe by injecting noise into various points into the calculation. Each generated version opens a tiny window onto the immense form.

I've found creating the work to be a meditation on the emergence of life-like complexity from simple processes. So much emerges from simple maths.

No token is likely to repeat for many millions of years. The animation is driven by the real-world time. While the dominant dimensions of noise will create tide-like movements, you're unlikely to ever see the exact same image twice.

To see all the iterations and mint new ones, visit Fractal Reef on fxhash.