Anamorphic Composition No. 1

interactive 3D sound installation
Anamorphic Composition (No. 1) is an interactive sound installation experienced through head movement. A frozen moment of music is scattered into shards of sound, cutting through physical space and audible when touched by the listener's head.

This sound can no longer be sensed holistically in an instant but explored as individual parts. The areas where these shards intersect create sweet spots, where fragments of a greater harmony echo ephemerally.

Tim Murray Browne Anamorphic Composition No 1 interactive sound installation digital art 3d visualization
Tim Murray Browne   Anamorphic Composition No 1 interactive digital art sound sculpture installation   Tim interacting

Anamorphosis describes a form which appears distorted or jumbled until viewed from a precise angle. Sometimes in the chaos of information arriving at our senses, there can be a similar moment of clarity, a brief glimpse suggestive of a perspective where the pieces align.

This project later developed into Post-Truth and Beauty.


  • 27 Jun 2016 Panorama, Genesis Cinema, London


Anamorphic Composition No. 1 was realised with support from San Diego Art Institute. Thanks to Jan Lee for featuring in the documentation.