I work freelance as a creative coder and designer on a range of innovative projects including designing and coding real-time sound and graphics, and intuitive gestural interaction design for installations and performance systems.

Please don't hesitate to drop me an email if you'd like to find out more about what I can bring to your project.




Quasar – A virtual reality experience describing the spirit of pioneering from Field

Quasar is a work from Field describing the spirit of pioneering through three human archetypes. Each is experienced through a sculpted helmet housing a virtual reality headset transporting the wearer to a musical world of light and sound. The work was exhibited at The Hospital Club, London on 29-31 May 2015.

I developed the audio engine and worked with the studio to craft a musically intuitive interactive experience.

Tools: Unity, C#, FMOD, Occulus Rift.




Indigo - interactive projection mapping by Seeper

Indigo is a projection mapped sculpture installed in a new nightclub in Bangalore created by Seeper. Visuals are morphed by the club’s sound system as well as being created directly by the audience through camera-based interaction.

I was part of the coding team on this project working on graphics, sound analysis, camera image processing and user interface. I was also part of the on site team to erect and install the work on site in Bangalore.

SAP Futures


Engage Works

SAP Futures - Immersive cave projection with touch table interaction from Engage Works

SAP Futures is an imagining of the future of data mining created by Engage Works for SAP. The work is an immersive three-walled cave projection spanning over 6 HD outputs. Visitors interact with the work through a touch table interface which controls the surrounding space.

I coded the software for both touch table and the projection on the walls.

Tools: C++, openFrameworks, OpenGL, GLSL, TUIO

Gratuitous Digital Thingy



Gratuitous Digital Thingy - An interactive installation for London's Christmas shoppers created with Typeone and TBWA

Gratuitous Digital Thingy is a collaboration between the studio Typeone and the agency KBWA.

Created in a week, four windows of KBWA’s offices were transformed into a glitchy dancing Santa that follows passers-by as they walk along the street.

Role: Creative coder, creating software to identify the location and movement of people on the street from an infrared camera feed.

Tools: C++, Cinder, OpenGL, OpenCV

Clear Noise



Clear Noise - an interactive installation by Seeper

Clear Noise is a work created by the arts and technology studio Seeper.

An interactive installation about focus in a world of distraction, it was exhibited at Le Cube, Paris in December 2012 as a part of the NEMO festival of digital arts. Electromagnetic radiation is read from the brain using an Emotiv EPOC EEG sensor which is used to estimate the participant’s emotional state. This is represented visually through four rings orbiting a central brain, each created procedurally as an organically evolving form, and sonically through a responsive soundscape. Each ring represents the strength of a different mental state sensed by the brain sensors: noise, frustration, excitement and meditation. As the wearer focuses their mind and reduces the noise, these rings converge into a single point.

Role: Creative coder, part of the design and on-site installation team.

Tools: C++, OpenGL, GLSL, Emotiv SDK, Qt

See a video of the work on seeper.com