Photograph of Tim Murray-Browne, artist and freelance creative coder based in London.

I am an artist and creative coder based in London creating interactive installations and performances. My work includes interactive installations of bespoke musical instruments, immersive audiovisual dance performances and wearable musical instruments. It has been exhibited around the world at venues including The Barbican, The Victoria & Albert Museum and Berkeley Art Museum.

For a quick intro, I suggest looking at This Floating World, a Zen-inspired dance solo within an interactive audiovisual space, and The Cave of Sounds, an interactive ensemble of bespoke musical instruments inspired by prehistoric music making.

More about Tim Murray-Browne …

Post-Truth and Beauty

Interactive installation of sculpture, light and 3D sound exploring truth and perspective

Movement Alphabet

Immersive one-on-one performance meets generative visualisation of the moving body

Anamorphic Composition No. 1

A frozen moment of music experienced by the listener moving through space

Music to Swim to

Meditative algorithmic music performed for swimmers

Sound Life

Improvised performance of sound, words and movement

This Floating Tracker

Open source release of the movement analysis software behind This Floating World

Quasar (Field)

A virtual reality experience describing the spirit of pioneering

This Floating World

Dance solo performed in an interactive environment of computer generated visuals and sound

Indigo (Seeper)

An interactive projection mapped sculpture lighting up a new club Bangalore

SAP Futures (Engage Works)

An immersive cave projection and interactive touchscreen table imagining the impact of data mining in the near future

Gratuitous Digital Thingy (Typeone)

Dancing Santa that follows and reacts to passers-by for KBWA's Christmas display

The Cave of Sounds

An interactive sound installation created with the Music Hackspace exploring the power of musical collaboration

Harmonic Motion

Harmonic Motion - An open-source toolkit for artists and musicians working with gestural interaction

Clear Noise (Seeper)

An interactive installation exploring clarity of mind created by the arts/tech studio Seeper

Webcam Instrument

A webcam-based instrument developed for a workshop I ran with the Music Hackspace

Mandala (Seeper)

A fusion of interactive projection mapping and South Asian dance and music from the arts/tech studio Seeper

Interactive Carbon (Seeper)

An interactive gestural game installed in the Olympic Park created with the arts/tech studio Seeper.


Interactive soundscape explored through creative movement by two individuals — but only if they work together

The Manhattan Rhythm Machine

An intuitive generator for improvising off-beat loops

The Serendiptichord

A wearable musical instrument for dancers

Instigative Heads

An interactive sound installation in the vaults beneath London Bridge Station