Tim Murray-Browne - Artist and creative coder working with interactive technology, graphics, sound and music.

I am an artist and creative coder based in London. I work with code, sound, graphics and interactive technology to create immersive spaces for interactive installations and live performance.

My work often responds to the movement of the body and draws on embodied experience — preverbal sensations of place, significance and understanding. I look for new contexts for human connection and creativity, places that challenge our assumptions of who we are and what we do.

It includes interactive installations of bespoke musical instruments, immersive audiovisual dance performances, generative music for swimmers, wearable musical instruments and spans collaborations with choreographers, hackers, fashion designers, movement practitioners, musicians and dancers. It has been shown around the world at venues including The Barbican, The Victoria & Albert Museum, Berkeley Art Museum and some more unusual places such as the Olympic Swimming Pool in London, The Secret Garden Party festival in Cambridgeshire and The Caffarella Park in Rome.

My background is a mix of art, maths, music and computer science. I graduated with a first class Masters in Maths and Computer Science from Oxford University in 2008. But it was in my final year project when I set out to design an algorithm to automatically compose music that I began to appreciate the potential for combining these disciplines. Following my degree, I began a PhD with the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London, researching techniques to draw in and engage audiences within interactive digital art.

After completing my PhD in 2012, I left academia to practise as an independent artist. During this time I have completed residencies with The Music Hackspace through Sound and Music’s Embedded Composer programme and with the immersive theatre company ZU-UK at their DRIFT residency in Rio de Janeiro. In 2014 I was awarded the PIARS Sonic Arts Award (Digital Art category) for The Cave of Sounds (2013).

Alongside, I have worked with a number of creative technology studios in the UK, including Field, Seeper, Typeone, ISO and Engage Works. This has let me be involved in some amazing projects, including Quasar, a virtual reality experience of generative sound by Field, and Mandala, a fusion of projection mapping, generative graphics and South Asian dance by Seeper.