Two tracks from 2010: The Piano Tuner, Sleepy Holborn

A couple of compositions I wrote in 2010 that began with environmental field recordings.

The Piano Tuner is based on a four hour recording of our piano being tuned by the piano tuner Ojo. I was living in a house in St Mary’s Gardens near Kennington in South London at the time. After many hours of efforts on the day we moved in, we realised the piano was too big to ever go further than the hallway behind the front door. It remained there for the year we lived in the house. To play, you sat in the living room doorframe. Every time anyone came in or out of the house they had to squeeze their legs through the 12cm or so gap that remained.

Sleepy Holborn is based on recordings of a building site in Holborn, London, taken on Great Queen Street. This track was previously released on the compilation White Tape 1.