The Cave of Sounds returns

Cave of Sounds - Tim Murray-Browne - boy plays with Lightefface interactive digital musical instrument at Rome exhibition of International Sound Art Awards

Back in 2012 I led a group of eight musical hackers at The Music Hackspace to reimagine the relationship between performer and audience in music. The outcome was The Cave of Sounds, an installation of eight unique musical instruments that use technology to create a widely accessible experience of collectively making music. See this video for a brief refresher. Following its debut at The Barbican in 2013, the work travelled to Canada and Italy. It was awarded the 2014 Sonic Arts Prize and it remains one of my most popular works.

So I’m excited to announce that Arts Council England have awarded funding to rejuvenate and re-engineer the work. The Cave of Sounds (Mk ii) will be revealed at Salisbury Museum where it will be exhibited 27 Jan – 12 May 2018.

We will also be doing an invitation-only private view in London later this year. Follow @CaveOfSounds on Twitter for updates and watch this space for your invitation.

After the exhibition at Salisbury Museum, we’re planning a UK and international tour of the work. If you’re interested in talking more about this please get in touch.