Sound Life

improvised performance

Sound Life is an improvised performance of movement, spoken word and electronic sound. I created the sound through a combination of digital instruments, loop pedals and a microphone in the space which was freely left to the performers.

The work was performed by the Sound Life Collective at the Bussey Building in Peckham, London on 4 October 2015 as a part of Spontaneous Combustion Festival.

Film and photographs by Petra Puchelova.

Sound Life Collective - improvised poetry, sound and movement: Tim Murray-Browne


  • Performers
  • Antigone Avdi
    Lavinia Cascone
    Susan Kempster
    Sarah Kent
    Jan Lee
    Delphine Robet
  • Sound Design
  • Devised by Tim Murray-Browne and Jan Lee and performed by Tim Murray-Browne
  • Documentation Film
  • Petra Puchelova
  • Documentation Photography
  • Petra Puchelova