Sonified Body call out: Dancer collaborator

Post-Truth and Beauty - interactive light and sound installation by Tim Murray-Browne in collaboration with Aphra Shemza. Light and 3D sound change in response to the viewer's head position. Exhibited here at We Are Robots festival at Old Truman Brewery, 11-12 Nov 2017


Artist and Creative Coder Tim Murray-Browne is seeking 2 solo dancers to participate independently in a 2-day research and development lab for his latest performance work Sonified Body.

Sonified Body is a research project using artificial intelligence to create an instrument that transforms the moving body into sound in real-time. The project’s primary aim is to create a system that feels intuitive, and responds holistically and continuously to the entire body.

During this research and development lab a pilot technical system designed by Tim Murray-Browne in collaboration with artist and AI researcher Panagiotis Tigas will be set up that tracks the body using a camera to create an instrument controlled by movement. The purpose of this lab is to explore the potential of this technology both in terms of the experience of the person interacting with it and in terms of its artistic potential within a performance context.

We aim to produce video documentation of each 2 day workshop which could include a short performance. We want to build a relationship with a dancer for future development of the project in 2021.

This residency is supported by Preverbal Studio, Creative Scotland, CCA, Feral and Present Futures Festival.


Tim Murray-Browne is an artist and creative coder from the UK creating interactive installations and performances. His work explores how our sense of self is formed through our lived, embodied experience. It includes ensembles of bespoke musical instruments performed by the audience, audiovisual landscapes generated by the movement of a dancer, interactive light and sound sculptures that respond to the viewer’s position and immersive one-on-one performances to transform an individual’s memories into calligraphic images. It has been exhibited around the world at venues including Tate Modern, The Victoria & Albert Museum and Berkeley Art Museum.


  • The selected dance artist must be available to participate in the 2 day lab at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow during either Mon 14- Tues 15 December or Wed 16- Thurs 17 December, 2020 from 10am to 6pm.
  • We’re looking for a dance artist to participate that is comfortable with improvisation and bringing their own choreographic language to the rehearsal room. We will be working with an experimental technical system and are interested in connecting with dancers working in varied styles (e.g. hip hop, butoh, contemporary dance, ballet – anything goes) provided they have a strong basis in improvisation.
  • The dancer should have a familiarity with somatic practices, e.g. moving in response to what is felt in the body, and how the body is being affected by the sound and dialogue that emerges from interacting with the system. Experience working with creative technologists, and an interest in how the body and tech work together are also desirable.
  • We’re looking to create a collaborative atmosphere of exploration so we are looking for collaborators with a strong sense of openness, curiosity and communication.


£400 (2 Days x £200 per day) + a limited travel stipend if you are based outwith Glasgow.


To apply please send:

  1. A ‘Note of Interest’ which should include a short introduction to yourself and why you are interested in taking place in the research and development lab. ‘Notes of Interest’ can take the form of either a cover letter, voice note or a video recording.
  2. A video link to an excerpt of you dancing in a piece you have choreographed or improvised.
  3. An overview of your practice to date this could include either a CV, personal statement or a link to your website.

‘Notes of Interest’ should be emailed to sonifiedbodycallout {_art_} timmb {_dort_} com by Mon 2 Nov 2020. Prospective collaborators will be invited for an informal conversation with Tim Murray-Browne about the project which will take place on Mon 9 Nov 2020. We plan to hold conversations over Zoom but please let us know if this presents any accessibility issues (e.g. disability or limited internet access) and we can discuss how best to support your requirements. Successful candidates will be notified by Mon 16 Nov 2020.


CCA and Tim Murray-Browne will have COVID 19 risk assessments and recovery plans in place to ensure the safety of all collaborators whilst working in the building. These plans are available if you would like more details. The planned activity is subject to COVID 19 restrictions and in the event of any further lockdown or a change in Government guidelines the scheduled labs may be rescheduled or cancelled.