Post-Truth and Beauty at Sonica Glasgow 2019

In September I relocated to Glasgow, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to exhibit Post-Truth and Beauty here. The audio-luminescent installation of shifting worlds and fragmented perspectives will exhibit at the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) as part of Sonica festival.

Dates: 31 Oct – 10 Nov Times: 11am – 6pm Free entry

I’ll also be joining fellow exhibitor Navid Navab on a panel talk Science as Art, chaired by Colm McAuliffe, Sunday 3 Nov at 1pm.

This work I originally created with Aphra Shemza in 2017, in the aftermath of the Brexit and Trump votes. Here’s a bit more about it:

Twelve glowing rods intersect between walls, floor and ceiling, as if they were exposed elements from a much larger structure. In front, there is a ring of speakers into which a visitor is invited.

Once inside, the visitor is immersed in a soundscape of slowly evolving textural sounds. The installation tracks the location of the visitor’s head. It combines this with the 3D speaker ring to create the illusion that each sound is floating in a fixed position. This creates a seamlessly accessible interaction, drawing on our natural ability to spatially locate sound.

Each sound is paired with a colour palette, which takes over the LEDs in the rods as the sound is approached, flickering in time with the sound’s oscillations. Light and sound combine to create the sense of a reactive, living entity.

Sound is transformed from a temporal medium into a sculpture – uncovered with the active agency of a mobile observer. Together the sounds construct a rich harmony but only partial combinations can be heard at once.

The work invites viewers to consider perspectives other than their own, as they move through a space in which visual and musical elements are fragmented. Only by considering the work from many angles can a broader sense of the whole emerge. With debate online and in real life becoming ever more polarised, Post Truth and Beauty aims to remind us of the dangers of retreating into silos and disregarding other points of view.

If you are in town or visiting then drop me a message. I’ll be around for the festival apart from 4-7 Nov when I’ll be in London. There, I’m taking part in the QuestLab residency on creative technology and choreography at Studio Wayne McGregor. Watch this spot for updates.