Cave of Sounds nominated for the STARTS Prize

I have exciting news today, which is that Cave of Sounds has received a nomination for the 2019 STARTS Prize.

Also – new video material of Cave of Sounds at Athens Science Festival, Post-Truth and Beauty at We Are Robots Festival and a new audio-visual performance commissioned by UNESCO.

Cave of Sounds - interactive sound installation by Tim Murray-Browne and members of Music Hackspace, exhibited at Athens Science Festival 2018. The interactive sound installation is shown here with many participants playing the different instruments. Photograph by Anastasia Alekseeva. (c) 2018 Tim Murray-Browne.


The STARTS prize is awarded every year in partnership with the Ars Electronica Prize. It is, in their own description, “the grand prize of the European Commission honoring Innovation in Technology, Industry and Society stimulated by the Arts”.

Cave of Sounds received a nomination for this year’s prize. There is more detail on the 2019 Winners page.

Incidentally, this year’s Grand Prize for artistic exploration went to Project Alias which I think is an amazing work and worth checking out.

A few months back we published a video of Cave of Sounds in its latest incarnation at Athens Science Festival 2018, where over 11,000 people experienced the work. Have a look if you’ve not already seen it.

I’ve also uploaded a video of Thinking Without Words, a talk I gave at Flux Social last year where I share the ideas behind the project (including where the name comes from).

Also just posted online: new footage of Post-Truth and Beauty:

The past year has been something of a change of pace for me – hence not many newsletter or social media updates. In between exhibitions and collaborations, I’ve spent much of my time in Bucharest, reading, reflecting, researching and exploring new directions.

Much of this experience will find its way into future work coming your way. But for now, I’ll leave you with an excerpt of Convergence, an audio-visual performance commissioned by UNESCO for an awards ceremony in Beijing and created in collaboration with Adriana Minu. It is a 20 minute audio-visual work about the heritage of the Silk Road trade route.

Convergence (excerpt), audio-visual composition created in collaboration with Adriana Minu

As always, please let me know any thoughts or responses on all the above. You can just reply to this email.

Finally, a few acknowledgements: – Cave of Sounds was created through a Sound and Music residency in partnership with Music Hackspace, and developed using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Full acknowledgements and the whole team – Post-Truth and Beauty was commissioned by The Engine Room and Morley College, and created in collaboration with Aphra Shemza. Full acknowledgements

17 May 2019