Cave of Sounds arrives in London this September

Hello! I’m excited to announce that the new production of Cave of Sounds will have its first UK exhibition this September at Watermans Arts Centre.

Cave of Sounds began in 2012 at Music Hackspace as an experimental process exploring the idea of ensemble within the music hacker community. Eight artists (myself included) each created a new musical instrument embodying our own personality and practice, while simultaneously responding to what others in the group were creating. These instruments are presented without players with visitors invited to explore and play.

Top view of Cave of Sounds before any participants arrive, exhibited at Athens Science Festival 2018. Photo by Anastasia Alekseeva.

Following a few years of touring, this year we completed a new version of the work, re-engineered and with a bespoke set, which many of you saw in the private preview in January. We debuted at Athens Science Festival in April to over 11,000 visitors including adults, students and children. Here, the work was also featured on daytime TV to over two million viewers.

Cave of Sounds has its UK launch at Watermans Arts Centre in London on 29-30 September. We’re open 10am-5pm on Saturday 29th and 11am-5pm on Sunday 30th.

Double check the opening times on the Watermans webpage if you’re planning to come later on Sunday. We may need to close slightly earlier to have time to dismantle the work.

A young participant plays with the Lightefface instrument of Cave of Sounds, exhibited at Athens Science Festival 2018. The instrument is played by shining the light onto a row of sensors, with each sensor controlling a different harmonic of a fundamental frequency.

July also saw the conclusion of my time in Somerset House Studios where I’ve been an associate artist of Music Hackspace for the past year and a half. I’m now on the move, researching new ideas, directions and techniques. Currently, I’m in Bucharest until October – drop me a line if you’re in town.

Thanks to British Council for taking us to Athens, Arts Council England who funded the new Cave of Sounds production, and Anastasia Alekseeva who shot and edited the above video and photos.

Newsletter post on 30 August 2018.