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Ensemble: Residency with Sound and Music and the Music Hackspace

The Music Hackspace at the start of my residency

Ensemble is collaborative project I am leading with members of the Music Hackspace community as artist in residence involving the creation of a large sound installation and some unconventional musical performances to be showcased next summer. It’s about musical collaboration, its role within the music hacker community and the power of music to create a single collective identity out of individual expression.

We’re exploring this both in what we make and the process through which we do so. Each of us is creating an individual component of this installation over a period of nine months. Every month we meet to demonstrate and present our progress, and experiment to see how our contributions work together and understand the role our work plays within the group. The final piece of musical interfaces will encapsulate the different personalities involved and the collective identity that emerged. Behind the scenes, a little bit of technological magic will help to bring this alive to our audience…

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