A Frozen Fragment of Music Scattered Through Space

I’m excited to share a new interactive project, showing in London next week.

Anamorphic Composition No. 1 is a musical composition arranged through space rather than time. Originally commissioned by San Diego Art Institute for an exhibition about synaesthesia, this is the first of a series of works inspired by anamorphosis – 3D sculptures where an unexpected image emerges when you look from a certain angle.

In this piece, I’ve divided a moment of music into fragments of sound and arranged them as shards cutting through physical space. You can hear them as you move your head through the space, which is tracked by a 3D camera. Where the shards meet, sweet spots emerge where you can begin to hear some of the harmony of that original musical moment.

I’ll be exhibiting the work for the first time in the UK at Panorama, the eclectic night of artistic experimentation run by my friend Aurélien at Genesis Cinema in Whitechapel, London. It’s showing day and evening on Monday 27 June.