Screenshot from the Webcam Instrument, a new musical interface created for a workshop run with the Music Hackspace

On 25 November 2012, I ran a workshop for the Music Hackspace on creating an instrument from the webcam on the laptop. Drawing inspiration from Memo Akten’s Webcam Piano 2.0, in the class we looked at the basics of openFrameworks, video processing with Open CV, driving Ableton Live with MIDI and musical geometries like the Tonnetz.

Slides and source code from the project is available on the Webcam Instruments repo on Github.

Participants at Tim Murray-Browne's Webcam Instruments Workshop with the Music Hackspace

Workshop participants in the basement of Troyganic, Hoxton, London.

Participants at Tim Murray-Browne's workshop on creating interactive instruments using a webcam, run with the Music Hackspace

Fabrizio from the Video Hackspace arrived with a portable projector, naturally.